EURISOL User Group Workshop

14-18 January 2008




Lucia Lilli (INFN, Pisa, Italy)


Angela Bonaccorso (INFN, Pisa, Italy)

Maria J. Garcia-Borge (IEM/CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Francesca Gulminelli ( LPC, Caen, France)

Nigel Orr (LPC, Caen, France)

Robert Page (Liverpool University, UK)

Emmanuel Pollacco (CEA, Saclay, France)

Krunoslav Subotic (Vinca Institute, Belgrad, Serbia)



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Meeting location

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Final Programme and Talks

Participant List

Some of us looking forward to EURISOL from Galileo Terrace


More Photos (Courtesy of Brian Roeder)

of (and from) Galileo Galilei House and the Osservatorio di Arcetri,

thanks to our special guide Prof. E. Landi