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Rb-Cs cold collisions.

The collisional properties of a mixture of boson cesium and rubidium atoms were investigated for the first time in a magnetic trap at ?K temperatures. By selectively evaporating the rubidium atoms using a radio-frequency field, the sympathetic cooling of cesium down to a few ?K was realized. From rethermalization measurements, we derived a very large value for the interspecies collisional cross section was determined, leading to good agreement with a theoretical prediction of 595a0 for the triplet s-wave scattering length for Rb in the |F=2,mF=2> and Cs in the |F=4,mF=4> magnetic states. This value opens prospects for reaching the Bose-Einstein condensation of Cs inside a magnetic trap through the sympathetic cooling.


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M. Anderlini, D. Ciampini, D. Cossart, E. Courtade, M. Cristiani, C. Sias, O. Morsch, and E. Arimondo, Model for collisions in ultracold-atom mixtures, Phys. Rev. A 72, 033408 (2005)

E. Tiesinga, M. Anderlini, and E. Arimondo, Determination of the scattering length of the a3S+ potential of 87RbCs, Phys. Rev. A 75, 022707 (2007).

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