Avviso di Seminario - Microscopic features of quantum transport and entropy production - 24/01/2019



Giovedì 24 gennaio 2019 - ore 15:00
Dipartimento di Fisica - Largo B.Pontecorvo, 3
Aula 248 - primo piano - Ed. C

Mihail Mintchev
(INFN Sez. di Pisa)

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Microscopic features of quantum transport and entropy production
Abstract: We investigate the microscopic features of quantum transport in a non-equilibrium steady state, which breaks time reversal invariance spontaneously. The analysis is based on the probability distribution, generated by the correlation functions of the entropy production operator. The general approach is applied to exactly solvable models with a point-like interaction driving the system away from equilibrium. The quantum fluctuations of the entropy production are explicitly evaluated in the zero frequency limit. It is shown that all moments of the entropy production distribution are non-negative, which provides a microscopic version of the second law of thermodynamics. The impact of quantum statistics in this context, as well as some applications of the results will be also discussed.

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