ION Pisa collaborazione con Universita' per ricerca talenti - Scadenza 7/5/2019


Where Physicists matter for FinTech Innovation


With Innovation as core founding value, ION is a global company that in its twenty years of activity has delivered important changes in the financial market, and today offers solutions that have become critical for many international players.

Transforming the global market, enabling effective access to the different types of players, helping them in all their particular needs is the mission of the Group. ION wants become the #1 partner of choice for trading solutions, analytics, and infrastructure with financial institutions worldwide.

During this presentation you will get a chance to know the story of the firm, its values, and how to apply to become part of a radical change that is already unfolding.

We are looking for talented people able to abstract and imagine innovative solutions in the fast changing financial world. We'll be happy to answer questions, and share the view of what we think are the skills needed to succeed in the sector, which is in high demand of people with scientific education at the highest level.


7 May 2019

11.00 Company presentation

11.40 Q&A

12.00 Individual meetings


In order to better organize the individual meetings, we ask students to notify us of their interest in participating in this last session by sending an email to, if possible attaching an updated CV.

Please apply for the job HERE




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