Sguardi nel Futuro: “Overcome the limits: From Interplanetary to Interstellar Travels”

On November 24, at 4:00 PM, in the Aula Magna of the Carmignani center, the University of Pisa will host the event “Overcome the limits: From Interplanetary to Interstellar Travels”, led by Roberto Battiston, professor of experimental physics at the University of Trento and former President of the Italian Space Agency.

Battiston is one of the leading experts in cosmic rays and has coordinated, along with Nobel laureate Samuel C. C. Ting, the construction of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which has been operating on the International Space Station since 2011 for antimatter and dark matter research.

This event is part of the ‘Sguardi nel futuro’ series.

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