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Administrative Coordinator and Coordinator Ad interim of the Budget and Accounting Unit of the Department of Physics:

Roberta Caponi, room dir009-Building B Tel. +39 050-2214639

Budget and Accounting Unit

For information about:

  • Travels
  • Research fellowships (‘associazioni gratuite alla ricerca’)

Tania Farci, room dir002, Building B Tel. +39 050-2214576

Before leaving, for authorization to travel, and for reimbursement:

For information about:

  • Purchase orders

Lorella Lorenzin, room dir002, Building B Tel. +39 050-2214640

For purchase orders, requests and procedural details:

For information about:

  • Invoicing
  • Temporary ICT credentials

Fabrizio Lucchesi, room dir002, Building B Tel. +39 Tel. 0502214641

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