Organizational structure


Prof. Dario Pisignano


Prof. Leonardo Gualtieri

Administrative Coordinator 

Dr. Roberta Caponi   

Deputy Administrative Coordinator 

Dr. Antonella Spinosa

Technical Coordinator 

Dr. Enrico Maccioni 

Administrative Units  

Budget and accounting, general services

Roberta Caponi: Ad interim Budget and Accounting Unit Coordinator 

General coordination, support to Institutions and Boards, to the election process for the Department Director, office transparency, interactions with medical officers for periodic monitoring of the Department personnel, tasks related to commercial contracts, budget management, agreements and conventions.

Giuseppe Azzato

Porter’s lodge, temporary access services, keys, medical materials, mailing, couriers.  

Tania Farci 

Management of work travels, interactions with medical officers, access to the Department, research fellows, contracts for students.

Fabrizio Lucchesi

Support to work travels management, small purchases, mailing-lists, temporary UniPi credentials, leaves, reimbursement to external staff for seminars or scientific collaboration, support to budget management, management invoices, reporting of commercial activities, inventory.

Lorella Lorenzin Tesser

Purchasing procedures, research fellowships, scholarships, inventory.


Antonella Spinosa: Didactic Unit Coordinator 

Courses and didactic programming, official self-evaluation for didactic processes, support to Didactic Institutions and Boards, orientation tasks, interactions with stakeholders, Foundation Course Science, local data protection.

Rossella Gargani 

Support to Didactic Institutions and Boards, contracts for students, support to the official self-evaluation for didactic processes, support to the Specialization School in Medical Physics, Foundation Course Science.

Roberta Giusti 

Front-office for students, classroom booking, support to didactic tasks, support to final exams, support to the Specialization School in Medical Physics.

Nicoletta Palazzo

Internationalization, student mobility, support to the Departmental Coordinator for International Activities, PhD School in Physics: secretary, student careers, management of work travels, interaction with abroad University for joint theses. 


Alessandro Antonelli: Research Unit Coordinator

Research information, dissemination of new calls, project management, project monitoring, research contracts and agreements.

Antonella Foderà 

Support to project management, research fellowhips, support in dealing with bureaucracy for incoming international research fellows.

Caterina Lusini 

PNNR projects.

Alessia Zaccarelli

Support to project management, external guests, management of work travels, scholarships.

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