Scientific Board for Physical Sciences

A Scientific Board is formed for any Scientific Area of the University of Pisa, by representatives of professors belonging to the field. This Board supports the Academic Senate with suggestions about research funding.  The Scientific Board for Physical Sciences at the University of Pisa is currently composed by: 

Full Professors
Associate Professors 

Committee for the enhancement of outreach and technology transfer

VQR Board for the Department of Physics

Joint Professors-Students Committee (‘Paritetica’)

  • Giulio Carotta 
  • Giulio Cordova
  • Cosimo Pestelli
  • Andrea Piazza
  • Margherita Sagina 
  • Daria Ungolo
  • Giorgia Pittau

Committee for Quality-Teaching

BS Degree in Physics
MS Degree in Physics 

Committee for Quality-PhD

Committee for Quality-Research and Outreach (Third Mission)

PLS Committee

Departmental coordinators 


Professors at the Department of Physics are grouped in Scientific Teams or Disciplinary Areas, depending on their main research interests: 

  • Experimental Physics of Fundamental Interactions  
  • Physics of Matter 
  • Theoretical Physics and History of Physics 
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics 
  • Applied Physics 

Each Disciplinary Area has its own spokesperson, attending meetings for the yearly didactic programming: 

  • Spokesperson for the ‘Experimental Physics of Fundamental Interactions‘ Disciplinary Area: Prof. Marco Sozzi (until Feb 2027)
  • Spokesperson for the ‘Physics of Matter‘ Disciplinary Area: Prof. Riccardo Mannella (until Nov 2025) 
  • Spokesperson for the ‘Theoretical Physics and History of Physics‘ Disciplinary Area: Prof. Davide Rossini (until Nov 2024) 
  • Spokesperson for the ‘Astronomy and Astrophysics‘ Disciplinary Area: Prof. Pier Giorgio Prada Moroni (until Feb 2027)
  • Spokesperson for the ‘Applied Physics‘ Disciplinary Area: Prof. Maria Giuseppina Bisogni (until Feb 2027)
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