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Research Area: FIS/03 - Fisica della Materia

L.go B. Pontecorvo, 3, 56127 Pisa (PI), Italy.


050 2214843

Research activities

Research activity targets the numerical study of Silicon compatible novel semiconductor materials based on group IV elements to development CMOS integrable devices for photonics, spintronics, quantum computing and thermoelectricity. The activity is carried out in close collaboration with different experimental groups in Italy and abroad and range from basic material science issues to the theoretical assessment and optimization of device performances. Special emphasis is given to the study of complex two-dimensional strained multilayer tunneling structures, where the chemical profile and the lattice deformation are used as a degree of freedom to engineer the electronic subband spectrum which controls the optical and transport properties. Most recent efforts are aimed at the demonstration of THz integrable quantum cascade lasers based on Silicon/Germanium alloys, the optimization of gate-controlled Germanium quantum dot arrays for quantum computing and the development of 2D materials for integrated optics featuring giant non-linear effects.

Recent publications

  • A High-Mobility Hole Bilayer in a Germanium Double Quantum Well [2022]
  • A proof of concept of the bulk photovoltaic effect in non-uniformly strained silicon [2022]
  • Modelling of an intersubband quantum confined Stark effect in Ge quantum wells for mid-infrared photonics [2022]
  • On-chip infrared photonics with Si-Ge-heterostructures: What is next? [2022]
  • Electron–hole superfluidity in strained Si/Ge type II heterojunctions [2021]
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  • FISICA 1 (Cod. 028BB) CdS FIS-L FISICA (Registro)
  • FISICA 1 (Cod. 028BB) CdS FIS-L FISICA (Registro)
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