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Research Area: FIS/01 - Fisica Sperimentale

L.go B. Pontecorvo, 3, 56127 Pisa (PI), Italy.



Research activities

2015 – today Measurement of cosmic background radiation polarization in the LSPE experiment:
– cosmic ray induced background simulation;
– member of editorial board for paper publication;
2000 – today Search for lepton flavour violation in the MEG and MEG II experiments at PSI;
– collaboration to design and assembling of the drift chamber of MEG II experiment;
– sensitivity and detector performance studies for MEG II;
– corresponding author of several MEG papers, including the final summary article relative to the whole MEG data sample;
– MEG analysis co-coordinator (“physicist on charge”);
– MEG simulation co-coordinator;
– development of statistical analysis, event reconstruction and calibration codes.
– collaboration to detector installation, calibrations and tests.
2008 – 2010  PRIN project on double readout calorimetry:
– local responsible of the project
1994 – 1999 Search for neutrino oscillations on a ong baseline in the thermal nuclear power plant CHOOZ (France):
– collaboration to detector assembling, background measurements, development of calibration techniques, simulation and event reconstruction codes.
1990 – 2000 Search for neutrinos from stellar gravitational collapse, magnetic monopoles and fractionally charged particles in the cosmic radiation in the MACRO experiment at Gran Sasso National Laboratories:
– collaboration to detector installation and assembling, development of monitoring and calibration techniques, data analysis and simulation codes.

Recent publications

  • A search for μ+→e+γ with the first dataset of the MEG II experiment [2024]
  • Operation and performance of the MEG II detector [2024]
  • Performances of a new generation tracking detector: the MEG II cylindrical drift chamber [2024]
  • A liquid hydrogen target to fully characterize the new MEG II liquid xenon calorimeter [2023]
  • Analysis and study of the problems on the wires used in the MEG CDCH and the construction of the new drift chamber [2023]
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  • FISICA 1 (Cod. 028BB) CdS FIS-L FISICA (Registro)
  • FISICA 1 (Cod. 028BB) CdS FIS-L FISICA (Registro)
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