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Research Area: FIS/02 - Fisica Teorica, Modelli e Metodi Matematici

L.go B. Pontecorvo, 3, 56127 Pisa (PI), Italy.


Research activities

I work as a theorist at the experimental frontiers of fundamental physics.
As a student I started working on supersymmetric unification.
Next I switched my attention to neutrino oscillations, a field that was entering in its golden age.
Later, my main interests shifted towards leptogenesis and Dark Matter, where I proposed predictive theories.
My research activity also contains excursions in flavour physics, vacuum decay theory, astro-particle physics, precision physics, collider physics,
Higgs physics, quantum gravity, supergravity, thermal field theory, cosmology, one analysis of cosmological data, one high-energy experimental paper, and topics outside physics.
During 2010-2020, with the beginning of the LHC experiments, my interest focused on high-energy physics; we worked out the main implications of the data, and proposed alternative theories of the origin of the electro-weak scale and of the Planck scale, with implications for inflation.

Recent publications

  • A boosted muon collider [2023]
  • Modular invariance and the QCD angle [2023]
  • Triggering Higgs vacuum decay [2023]
  • Black holes don't source fast Higgs vacuum decay [2022]
  • Dark Matter from freeze-in and its inhomogeneities [2022]
See all the publications on: Arpi, Orcid, Google Scholar


  • FISICA II (Cod. 242BB) CdS MAT-L MATEMATICA (Registro)
  • FISICA II (Cod. 242BB) CdS WMA-LM MATEMATICA (Registro)
  • FISICA 2 (Cod. 029BB) CdS FIS-L FISICA (Registro)
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