What a Wonderful Quantum World: a journey through the extraordinary world of quantum mechanics

Immagine del Quantum Jungle: cerchi di diversi colori

From April 10th to April 16th, 2024 in the Pontecorvo Area (Building E): interactive exhibition “What a Wonderful Quantum World“,organized by the Department of Physics and CNR-INO, in collaboration with INFN and the Department of Computer Science, on the occasion of the World Quantum Day (April 14th).

The journey unfolds through informative panels, animations, quantum games, and interactive experiments, allowing the audience to visualize and explore quantum mechanics.

Exhibition organized with the support of DigiQ, Fondazione di Pisa e Palazzo Blu, University of Helsinki, University of Aalto, InstituteQ, QPlayLearn, and AlgorithmiQ Ltd.

Members of the scientific and local organizing committee: Marilù Chiofalo, Alessandro Tredicucci, Antonio Romano (Department of Physics), Oliver Morsch, and Andrea Fioretti (CNR-INO), and Giuseppe Bisicchia (Department of Computer Science).

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