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Research Area: FIS/03 - Fisica della Materia

L.go B. Pontecorvo, 3, 56127 Pisa (PI), Italy.


050 2214851

Research activities

My research interest has been mainly focused on studying transport properties in nanoelectronic devices, trying always to understand the underneath physical mechanisms, and evaluating how these devices can be used and which impact they may have for future applications. In particular, the research activity has been focused on bidimensional materials, which offer, per sé, the smallest achievable thickness, as well as the possibility of combining them in heterostructures (lateral and vertical) and studying and exploiting physical and transport properties, such as spin and valley degree of freedom. Recently, due to the flexibility of 2D materials and the growing need for low-cost electronics, my research activity has been also focused on transport mechanism in 2D-material inks-based printed devices. For the simulation of the devices multiscale approaches have been mainly used, starting from the ab-initio simulation of the constituent materials till the study of the current-voltage characteristics.

Recent publications

  • Multiscale Simulations of 2-D Material Ink-Based Printed Network Devices [2023]
  • Rhombohedral-stacked bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides for high-performance atomically thin CMOS devices [2023]
  • Electronic Transport in 2D-Based Printed FETs from a Multiscale Perspective [2022]
  • Stable Al2O3 Encapsulation of MoS2-FETs Enabled by CVD Grown h-BN [2022]
  • Electric-field controlled spin transport in bilayer CrI3 [2021]
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