Workshop Marciana 2023 – Lepton Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei

The Workshop “Marciana 2023 – Lepton Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei” will be held in Marciana Marina (Isola d’Elba) from September 3 to September 8, 2023.

The meeting is the 16th of a series started in 1988 meant to cover new developments in research areas ranging from nuclear astrophysics and neutrino physics, to hadron structure and dynamics, to the physics of nuclei at low and high energies.

The Organizing Committe includes Laura Elisa Marcucci (Department of Physics, University of Pisa and INFN), Luca Girlanda (University of Salento and INFN), Camillo Mariani (Virginia Tech), Saori Pastore and Maria Piarulli (Washington University in St. Louis)

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