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The Master’s Thesis in Physics is an original, high-level manuscript prepared by the Master Candidate. This part of the work completes the educational path within the Master’s Degree. The student prepares the Thesis under the supervision of one or more Professors (Thesis Advisors). Potential topics for the Thesis are generally found by directly interfacing with Professors who are active in a given scientific fields. Depending on the specific research topic, the work can be carried out at the Department of Physics or in other Laboratories or Research Institutions (public or private, in Italy or abroad).

The final exam needed to obtain the Master’s Degree in Physics consists in a Thesis Defence (Viva exam). A few suggestions to prepare your viva exam at best are reported below.

The final viva can be done only in precise, given dates (Call dates or ‘Appelli di Laurea‘), listed in the Table below. The method to calculate the finally resulting mark is reported in this document (in Italian, for information in English, please contact the CdS President).

In addition, please note that a few other, bureaucratic steps are needed (see below for procedures and deadlines).

Start of Thesis Period

Before beginning the work, you need to fill a few forms. All the forms can be filled remotely, and they will be automatically delivered to the Didactic Secretary in our Department Administration.
To fill the forms, use your UniPi credentials and access the Google platform by using your institutional ( email. For more information about login:

About 9 months before the Call date

About 9 mesi before the Call date, i.e. when you start the Thesis work: fill, sign, scan, and sending electronically the form of ‘Inizio Tesi Magistrale’ (MS Thesis Start form): different forms are available to this aim, depending on the exact location where the work will be performed, and by your supervisor (Department Professor, external researchers, etc.).

The preliminary procedure at this link will guide you in chosing the right form.

Then, fill and send electronically the right form here: Inizio Tesi Magistrale.

Final viva

A few other steps are needed before the viva. Some of these steps are required by the central Student Office of the University of Pisa, some others needed by the Department of Physics. You are required to meet all the different deadlines as explained below (see also the Table below).

For UniPi: at least 30 days before the Call date: submit the official request for graduating (Domanda di Laurea). This is done on line through the Alice web portal ( Also, take the time to read all the procedural steps at  

For the Department of Physics: fill the forms, that are specific for a given Call date (dates are specificied in the Table below). At least 30 days before the Call date, fill the form named ‘Request for Master’s Degree‘ (‘Request Form’), attaching: 

  • Thesis summary in pdf 
  • Updated certificate listing taked exams (to be downloaded from Alice web portal) 

For the Department of Physics: at least 21 days before the Call date, deliver the final version of your Thesis manuscript, through the link ‘Invio Tesi’ appropriate to your Call (see Table below).

Important note: the Thesis submitted in this way is the only version of your manuscript that will be evaluated by the Board and by examiners. No later changes will be accepted to this aim. The manuscript must also be uploaded in the ETD platform, in which eventual typos can be fixed up to 6 days before the Call date (however, typos corrections will not be forwarded to examiners).  

For the Department of Physics: at least 15 days before the Call date:  

  • all the exams foreseen in your Study Plan must have been taken; 
  • you will need to send, by e-mail at, the following documents: 
    • self-certification of eventual, further exams taken up to that date; 
    • copy of the frontispiece of your Thesis. The frontispiece is automatically released when the upload of your Thesis manuscript is completed. The copy of the frontispiece must by signed by your supervisor (digital signature). If your supervisor does not have an available digital signature, she/he must be included in CC in the email to She/he will be required to send a further email to confirm that she/he is aware of the Thesis submission, and that she/he concur with the decision to submit;
    • copy of the receipt delivered when you have filld the questionario laureandi.

For UniPi: at least 15 days before the Call date, you must complete the process described at

For the Department of Physics: at least the day before the Call date, upload the slides of your viva presentation (Link “Invio slide” appropriate to your Call date, in the Table below).

Information on how to request a photographer

For information on how to request a photographer: If you want a personal photographer, you need to send an email with his/her name to at least 15 days before the “Call date”. Afterwards, the photographer will take a pass at the reception of the Department of Physics, located in building B, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3. To obtain the pass, the photographer will need to present his/her ID.

Suggestions for your presentation

During the viva, each candidate has a maximum of 35 minutes to illustrate her/his wotk of Thesis.

We suggest to present about one slide/minute. Presentations with more than 40 slides are discouraged. The candidate can be interrupted by the Board for questions and comments. In any case, time allocated for each presentation is not above 50 minutes.

The presentation must be understandle also for non-experts. The Board will mainly assess the scientific merit and the quality of the presentation according to criteria described in this document (in Italian, for information in English, please contact the CdS President).

Final exam calendar and deadlines

Call date Master’s Degree*

Deadline – Thesis summary Deadline – Thesis manuscript delivery Deadline – Frontispiece delivery

Link for sending  your Request for Master’s Degree (Request Form)

Link  for delivering your Thesis manuscript

Link to deliver final viva slides

Final Viva Schedule

12/12/2022 14/11/2022 21/11/2022 28/11/2022 Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery Schedule
27/02/2023** 30/01/2023 06/02/2023


Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery Schedule
27/03/2023 27/02/2023 06/03/2023 13/03/2023 Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery  
22/05/2023 24/04/2023 02/05/2023 08/05/2023 Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery Schedule
20/07/2023 20/06/2023 29/06/2023 05/07/2023 Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery Schedule
13/09/2023 14/08/2023 23/08/2023 29/08/2023 Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery Schedule
23/10/2023 25/09/2023 02/10/2023 09/10/2023 Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery  
11/12/2023 13/11/2023 20/11/2023 27/11/2023 Link Thesis delivery Slides delivery  

*The provided date represents only the start date of the examination session. The Master’s Degree examination is spread over multiple days, with the duration depending on the number of registered students.

**Extraordinary session

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