Final exam

The final exam needed to obtain the Degree in Physics consists in discussing a topic, covered in the degree of study, in front of  the Bachelor Degree Commission: the candidate is expected to discuss the chosen topic with clarity and appropriate physics language. This final viva is worth 3 CFU.  

The topic of the final viva exam should be chosen follogin the suggestion of one of the teachers of the study degree, who will also act as tutor.  The final exam task consists in the writing of a long abstract and in the related viva presentation: the presentation should last approxinatelu 10 minutes plus the time for a possible discussion. The candidates are allowes to present a maximum of 5 slides.

This final discussion can take place only at some appointed times during the academic year, during the so called “graduation sessions”.

More details can be found in the following documents (mostly in Italian, please contact the CdS President if you need instructions in English):

For information on how to request a photographer: If you want a personal photographer, you need to send an email with his/her name to at least 15 days before the “Call date”. Afterwards, the photographer will take a pass at the reception of the Department of Physics, located in building B, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3. To obtain the pass, the photographer will need to present his/her ID.

Call date Master’s Degree

Deadline to submit:  ‘domanda di Laurea’

Link to submit: ‘domanda di Laurea’

Link to deliver:  Long Abstract

Link to deliver final viva slides Schedule
  Deadline to submit  ‘notifica’ Deadline to  submit ‘cert. esami’        
10/02/2023 11/01/2023 26/01/2023 domanda long abstract slide schedule
17/04/2023 20/03/2023 03/04/2023 domanda long abstract slide schedule
22/06/2023 23/05/2023 07/06/2023 domanda long abstract slide schedule
19/07/2023 19/06/2023 04/07/2023 domanda long abstract slide  
14/09/2023 15/09/2023 30/08/2023 domanda long abstract slide  
17/10/2023 18/09/2023 02/10/2023 domanda long abstract slide  
18/12/2023 20/11/2023 04/12/2023 domanda long abstract slide  
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