Several calls for paid, part-time positions reserved for students are published on a regular basis. These might be focused on tutoring, support to didactic activities, training, or research:

  • tutoring: to become a tutor, you need to apply at a specific call. Candidates are selected on the basis of the curriculum and a short interview. Calls for positions are published each year, generally at the beginning of first semester. Positions (about 40 hs) are paid;
  • supporting didactic activities: students supporting didactic activities help professors teaching specific lectures. Tasks in this framework are usually detailed in the relevant calls;
  • scholarships: for UniPi students, or for UniPi young graduates (up to 18 months after graduation), who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of specific themes, with the supervision of a University professor;
  • research scholarships: for Master’s or PhD Students, to carry out a specific research program, with the supervision of a University professor.


Open calls are available here:

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