Initial knowledge Test

To enroll without Educational Debts, you need to achieve a minimum score (details below) in a test to assess your initial knowledge. The test adopted for the academic year 2022/23 is the TOLC-S, provided by CISIA.

You can take the test while still attending high school, either online, or on paper: the CISIA site lists the test calendar dates, and you will need to enroll for the test using their site. You can take the paper test at any location, we will recover your score through CISIA.

The test questions might change for different academic years. For the academic year 2022/23, in order to pass the test you will need to score at least:

  • 9/20 in Basic Maths 
  • 4/10 in Reasoning and Problems 
  • 4/10 in Text Understanding 

Details and a test simulator are available on the CISIA site:

Warning: you can repeat the test as many times as you like, in case you keep failing it: however, you must pass it before December 31st of your first enrollment year. Failing to score a positive result before December 31 entails an Education Debt (see below).
Furthermore, you must pass either the exam of Analisi Matematica (Calculus 1), or Geometria e Algebra (Geometry and Algebra) before you can attempt the exams of Fisica Generale 1 (Physics 1) or Laboratorio con elementi di Computazione (Laboratory 1 and introductory computing).

Educational Debt

If you did not manage to pass the test by December 31st, you must study the material of Chapter 1 and 2 (not Chapter 3) of this document: material to be studied.


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