External didactic activities

We encourage students who want to attend a few external didactic activities, carried out outside the Physics Department. These might include, for instance, internships in universities abroad, periods spent in international laboratories, or Summer Schools. These activities, if designed under high standard of quality and if embedded in your own educational path in a coherent way, can be great occasions for enhancing your cultural growth, as well as for appreciating diversity in educational and research methods.

The CdS Council will examine individual educational paths in order to assess if proposed external activites are in line with high-quality educational targets in Physics, and with achieved knowledge.

Please be aware that most of external activities are, however, quite difficult to be harmonically included in the Bachelor’s Degree in Physics.

This becomes much easier during the Master’s Degree in Physics, even for a quite large amount of CFU/ECTS. To propose external activities in your Study Plan, use the CAPS web portal.

Summer/Winter schools

Summer/Winter Schools are among the most exciting external didactic activies.

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